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design + consulting


responsible design for all, with well-being in mind.  create healthier homes, healthier communities, and a healthier environment for all of us.


As a creative studio, our primary goal is to solve problems with fun, form and function in mind.  We love aesthetic beauty, but we also lead with compassion and responsibility.  We respect and admire our earth, its people and our spaces, so it is important to consider not only the impact our environment has on us, but what impact we have on our environment.  What does this mean for our work? 

It means that while every project and its goals are different, we design with awareness and attention.  Reuse is often at the forefront of our minds rather than replacing or destroying simply for design's sake: if we can salvage it, we will keep it.  It means that whenever we are able, we choose finishes and materials that decrease air pollution, waste, water + energy consumption, and off-gassing.  We think naturally, we source locally, and we buy ethically.  It means we furnish with found objects and appreciate the beauty and character in the perfectly imperfect.  It means we do our best to create stunning, honest experiences that have longevity without sacrificing the health of our cosmic home.  It means we aim to make sustainability and ethical business practices attainable, even if it's not all-in or purely perfect.  Which, by the way, we don't really believe in perfection.  There is always room to innovate and improve, but we do believe in putting forth our best efforts to continuously make smarter choices and better decisions when it comes to our designs and lifestyles.  Even the little changes count. 

We Create Consciously, with both people and planet in mind.