We work with clients from anywhere in the world to create a comprehensive design that suits your individual needs. This project type is a great budget-friendly option for clients with smaller projects, those who prefer to design room by room, or those who have busy lives and may not have time to work with a designer in a more traditional approach.


how it works


This is a flat rate per room service.   From start to finish, the entire design process happens virtually.  Using a combination of phone calls, emails, and the occasional video chat if needed, we will work together to create a beautiful and functional space that you will love. 

Before we begin, we will need to identify your design needs and select a package that works for you.  If you're not sure where to start, just shoot us an email and we can help you choose which package will be best suited for your project.  From there, you'll fill out a quick design survey, answering a few pertinent questions that will get us moving in the right direction.  You'll also be asked to please supply photos, room dimensions and hand-sketched floor plans showing windows and doors to ensure that all of our furniture and finish selections are appropriate for the size your space.  Any inspiration images, Pinterest boards, and existing furniture should also be disclosed at this point.  Once we have all of our initial questions answered and a solid foundational understanding of your project, we'll get started on the design! 

Throughout the design process, you will be asked for feedback at several intervals to make sure that the design is on the right track.  We love the flexibility of e-design, but we ask that you please get back to us within five (5) business days with your detailed feedback in order to keep the project on schedule.  We will make any changes and send updates within three (3) business days.  If you need more time, please let us know! Open communication is the key to a successful and happy partnership.  Additionally,  If at any point in the process you would like to upgrade your package, we will adjust the deliverables of the project and you will simply pay the difference. 

Working with a designer has its perks!  Aside from convenience and professional expertise, e-design services grant you access to designer-exclusive brands and products, as well as discounted pricing whenever available. 

We take on no more than six projects per month to ensure that we deliver quality over quantity.  Each project is unique, but most designs will take between three and four weeks to complete if feedback is prompt. Unless otherwise requested, all designs are completely original and personalized to each client- we never recycle previous work. 


what it looks like


E-design comes to life in a few different ways, depending on your design needs. Explore our project gallery for a sample of what you can expect from a complete e-design package.  For more information on e-design options, venture on!


e-design options

quick consultation  $75

Suitable if have a few simple questions, need a second eye, or if your space is essentially finished, but just needs a finishing touch (i.e., placement of accessories, gallery wall suggestions, or recommendations for one or two smaller pieces to complete the space). 

what's included: 

  • unlimited e-mail correspondence for one week
  • designer recommendations for completing your space


essential design  $350

Perfect if you have a general sense of your space, but are still missing a few items and key pieces to pull it all together.  Maybe you need to move some things around or you need a bit of direction for creating a cohesive look, but you're not starting from scratch with an empty space.

what's included: 

  • 2 initial design directions 
  • 1 concept board based on feedback from initial design directions
  • 1 final shopping list and updated concept board based on feedback from initial concept
  • optional floor plan (if large furniture or space planning is involved)
  • 1 week of email communication after the final design is delivered to answer any other questions or issues with install


complete design  $750

If you are starting from scratch or with just one or two key pieces, this package will give you the most thorough and supportive design experience.  We will complete the space from start to finish, providing you with a full guide and visuals for pulling your space together.  

what's included: 

  • 3 initial design directions 
  • 1 concept board based on feedback from initial design direction
  • 1 final shopping list and revised concept board based on feedback from initial concept
  • 2-3 renderings of the space
  • 1 floor plan 
  • 1 additional round of final revisions after all deliverables submitted
  • 2 weeks of email communication after the final design is delivered to answer any other questions or issues with install