our story


hi! i'm stephanie, the founder of faro creative.

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to visit! I hope you have found what you're looking for with us, or at the very least left these pages feeling inspired and excited about a project you've been dreaming up.

Faro Creative began as a means of marrying my two greatest loves: travel and design (baby animals come in at a very close third).  Starting this studio was a new and necessary challenge, my answer to a call for exploration and stimulation.   I believe that in order to be a great designer and create meaningful, impactful work, you must step outside the world you know.  Test your limits.  Better tell authentic stories and solve real world problems by living and learning among the end user. This means leaving the desk behind.  I dreamed of working in beautiful, unfamiliar and inspiring locations on purposeful projects that would have a positive impact on local communities and the world at large.  I wanted the option to work outside of the traditional office environment.  A design studio like that, however, had not yet revealed itself to me.  If I wanted to paint my dreams into reality, I would have to navigate a new road.  Establishing my own studio that upheld the values and ethics that were driving me was the obvious next step, although it could not have been done without the immense help of many incredible and supportive people along the way.  It has taken some time to truly carve out this path in the industry, but a road less travelled is almost always more interesting, and I look forward to continuing to grow and work with compassionate, creative, and forward-thinking clients who see the value in being a little unconventional. 

Before Faro Creative bloomed, my formal design training took place at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, culminating in 2011 with a BS in Interior Architecture.  Since then, I have worked as a professional designer in a variety of capacities and places around the world.  Three years immediately after school were spent exclusively in New York City, working closely with brands like Samsung, Disney, Nautica, and Victoria's Secret among others to create innovative retail experiences.  I then spent several years on the road traversing our stunning, symphonic planet.  Seeking inspiration from every corner, I learned more about design, people, and life than I ever thought possible.  During that time, I took on a multitude of creative projects, including a new concept for the Albuquerque airport, cultivating a new brand experience for a fragrance company in Saudi Arabia, assisting a dear friend in establishing her first children's boutique, engaging as a guest speaker and designer of the Trends Home at Surfaces in Las Vegas in 2017, and a near-gut renovation of a hundred-year-old townhome in Brooklyn. 

Having experienced how humans live in so many different places, my appreciation for design as well as the health of our earth has evolved dramatically.  Now more than ever, design has the opportunity to affect human and planetary life for the better.  As a natural observer, I have learned that the impact and relevance of the built environment extends far beyond aesthetic beauty. What we are surrounded by has a profound effect on who we are, how we feel, and how we behave. 

Using creative solutions and a do-good philosophy, I aim to nurture and materialize people's deepest reveries and needs in ways that are both helpful and honest.  By creating purposeful, healthy and immersive experiences where people can emotionally connect with the world around them, we solve an oft neglected part of being human: fostering a sense of community and interdependence, a place for belonging.  This in itself is a privilege and a responsibility deserving of utmost care and conscience.  With good humor, curiosity, and collaboration, I look forward to putting our heads together as we collectively shape our future into a more meaningful, thoughtful, and accepting place.